BeComedy UK was founded by Marco Di Pinto in 2018

Based in London, performing all over the world, we are an agency aiming to reach as many people as possible with both online and LIVE content (gigs/podcasts/shows).



We started with some regular gigs in Wandsworth (L’Affaire), then Wanstead (More Italy), then Fulham (La Pizzica).

Haven’t stopped expanding since then.



  • Our Friday weekly shows start taking place in Covent Garden (Nell of Old Drury).

  • We organise a show with Judah Friedlander at the majestic Parioli Theatre Club in Rome, in collaboration with Altra Scena.

  • Our monthly shows at Zelig (Milan) start in May, and they keep getting better and better.

  • We are on SIRK MAGAZINE’s cover (July)

  • Fringe Festival in Edinburgh (August)


We partner up with ALL THINGS COMEDY (founded by Bill Burr & Al Madrigal).

They’re one of the top agencies in the world providing extraordinary content for millions of people. ATC is the future of comedy, and we’re proud to be part of it.


We also join forces with The comedy club, a young, innovative agency that is doing incredible things in Italy.



We are BeComedy - We take comedy seriously.